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October 11, 2011

Michael George Found Guilty Of Murder In High Profile Re-Trial

A jury today in Michigan returned a verdict of guilty against Michael George on a charge of 1st Degree Murder. George was accused of murdering his then-wife Barbara on July 13, 1990 in their Michigan comics shop, with the suggested motivation being insurance money and the freedom to marry his present wife Renee, with whom he'd be having an affair. George later moved to western Pennsylvania, where he became a prominent retailer and convention organizer.

George was arrested in 2007 for the crime, which garnered national attention for both its seedy nature and the cold-case nature of how police came back to George. He was convicted in 2008 of the murder, a judgment that was set aside when the presiding judge decided that the prosecutor's office had failed to share crucial evidence with the defense team regarding additional potential suspects. George's alibi was that he was sleeping at his mother's place at the time of the murder. The prosecution offered at least two pieces of evidence against this: a witness that said he spoke to George at the store in a way that didn't match the alibi, and an early statement by the defendant's mother that contradicted later avowals.

The jury had been deliberating since Thursday afternoon. They asked for a review of the testimony given in 2008 by George's mother and for the 2011 testimony of the witness that said he spoke to George at the store near the time his wife was murdered.
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