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October 12, 2012

Missed It: A New Creative Team For Asterix

I'm not exactly certain how to process news that a new creative team has now been assembled to do the Asterix albums. It looks like it will be Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad, described as two solid and distinguished craftsmen of the French-language comics school variety. Ferri was apparently named about a year and a half ago as the writing successor, and I'm not sure I covered that back then, either (it's part of a period for which I have limited memory). Ferri is also an artist.

My limited understanding of the French-language market in recent times indicates that the big-name books are big business in that their name recognition and nostalgic value drive a lot of sales to people that don't buy a ton of comics or have only the barest of interest in whatever constitutes good comics right now. And of course, the comics themselves can be good in a lot ways even naturally divorced from the original creative impulse that comes from the people that created them. I don't know if this would weaken the sales impact, or how much, or if Albert Uderzo giving his approval in public fashion makes a difference on that or not. At any rate, I assume there's an appetite for this material, and that some quality comics will be made.
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