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May 6, 2014

Missed It: A Potential John Campbell Mini-Update

A couple of you sent e-mails that the cartoonist John Campbell posted last week on the kickstarter site for the project whose open abandonment put Campbell in the news in a way that suggested some fans that previously do not have the book at question may now get one. I honestly have no idea how this progressed, but it beats reports of Campbell entering into comics shops and perhaps trying to light things on fire. One of the two people that sent me a link did so after checking Campbell's site; the reason they checked Campbell's site is they read about a crowd-funding related lawsuit, summarized here at the hobby business and news site

I like all the crowd-funding mechanisms and I value the opportunity to contribute to projects and to receive art that several of them have afforded me. I do think there's a failure rate in terms of getting people things, and there may be more of than gets formally discussed. Anecdotal evidence is the worst kind of evidence, but that I have personally heard, I don't know, let me ballpark it at 25-30 people over the last couple of years make casual reference to not getting something or to an artist they know that completely failed to get something out, well, that makes me suspect this happens more than things happen where people don't constantly tell me about them. These same people usually display very little rancor, I would guess in part because of the affection that drove them to contribute in the first place. I think it's possible to be concerned for people and to want to hold them to the standards they embraced. I would hate to see this kind of thing end up in the courts, but that's what the courts do; the way to avoid the courts getting involved is give them nothing in which to involve themselves.
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