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July 31, 2014

Missed It: Amazon Hunkers Down At 30 Pct Revenue Point In Still-Ongoing Amazon Vs Hachette Battle

imageI haven't been covering the Amazon vs. Hachette battle as it strings itself out over several weeks because my interest is less in the particulars of that battle than in Amazon's tactics in fighting it. Like many other media, comics has ceded a significant amount of its sales to Amazon and Amazon-affiliated businesses, so how they pursue something they want becomes of significant interest even when there are multiple arguments about the potential outcomes, both short- and long-term.

So I was interested in this letter, which takes an unofficial talking point ("Amazon wants 50 percent") off of the table and brings the argument around to a pretty strong place for Amazon: their perceived ability to add to an author's bottom line vs. the perceived ability of publishers like Hachette to enhance it. Of course, I'd rather that these arguments were taking place at the 50 creator 25/25 other players, or even 70/15/15, but that's just me.
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