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January 14, 2014

Missed It/Assembled Extra: Matt Bors Announces Ambitious Line-Up For's The Nib

I completely missed that the cartoonist Matt Bors had announced a line-up -- divvied up to the day when appropriate -- for The Nib, the comics section at where Bors himself has done so well and where he's enjoyed a lot of initial success expanding that opportunity to established web cartoonists and a few editorial cartoonist types. I'll list the cartoonists without doing the daily breakdown just to give you a reason to go to that site and read the original announcement.

Bors' line-up includes, as announced:

* Pat Bagley
* Scott Bateman
* Lucy Bellwood
* Ruben Bolling
* Susie Cagle
* Leigh Cowart
* Blue Delliquanti
* Liza Donnelly
* Emily Flake
* Emi Gennis
* Sarah Glidden
* Darryl Holliday
* Keith Knight
* Jeannette Langmead
* Zohar Lazar
* Mike Lester
* Wendy MacNaughton
* John Martz
* JJ McCullough
* Brian McFadden
* Erika Moen
* Josh Neufeld
* Jack Ohman
* Ryan Pequin
* Ted Rall
* Erik Rodriguez
* Jon Rosenberg
* Jess Ruliffson
* Jen Sorensen
* Rich Stevens
* Tom Tomorrow
* Zach Weiner
* Julia Wertz
* Shannon Wheeler
* Signe Wilkinson
* Ron Wimberly
* Adam Zyglis

I don't like all of those cartoonists as much as Bors apparently does, but that's a strong, strong line-up. It will be interesting to see if the site is able to use them in a way they and the cartoonists profit.
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