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March 12, 2014

Missed It/Bundled Extra: BOOM! Studios Signs First Look Deal With Cartoon Network

I thought this was an effective write up on BOOM! inking a first-look deal with Cartoon Network on comic book versions of their various properties. I assume that it's exactly what it sounds like, that they'll get first shot at any promising-in-comic-book-form projects that the network puts on the air. Apparently, the first book to emerge from the deal is Steven Universe. As noted, BOOM has done well wtih a bunch of related media properties, including a number of animated series, primarily Adventure Time.

I still have a knee-jerk red state reaction to exclusive deals of any kind, as deep down I believe the optimal outcome for the consumer will likely result from a number of players having their shot at making something. Still, I get why they exist and I certainly understand it here, and not just from the obvious angle that BOOM! benefits by having access to these popular kinds of series with which they do well. From the other side of things, I would imagine such a deal means there's less to worry about: you don't have to take on the the administrative work of accepting a bunch of different pitches property to property or trying to find the exact right marriage of property and publisher based on projections and possibilities. It's the same principle involved with how some people will sign for an entire series with a publisher and others will go issue to issue, perhaps bolting for perceived greener pastures. Those benefits are mitigated by the extra work involved and the potential for risk. I guess what it comes down to is that there are different ways of doing things. At least in this case there is a past-performance standard involved; this isn't about corporate synergies throwing strangers or curious partners together.
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