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January 14, 2014

Missed It/Bundled Extra: SelfMadeHero Announced Its Spring 2014 Line-Up Back In Mid-December

imageA few readers sent me links to a couple of blog posts about the SelfMadeHero Spring 2014 line-up. I'm not sure how that ended up back in circulation, but it looks like the publisher made that announcement official back in December and as far as I can tell I didn't run anything. So if that's true, that I didn't write anything, let this post be my apology. If I've forgotten, let this post be both my mistake and the extra exposure it brings -- such as it is -- my apology.

They announced through May:

* Celeste, INJ Culbard
* Terra Australis, LF Bollée And Philippe Nicloux
* The Boxer, Reinhard Kleist
* The Cigar The Fell In Love With A Pipe, David Camus And Nick Abadzis
* The Good Inn, Black Francis And Josh Frank And Steven Appleby
* Vincent, Barbara Stok (Art Masters Series)
* Weapons Of Mass Diplomacy, Abel Lanzac And Christophe Blain

(Those links will allow you to track mention at SelfMadeHero's site, although right now there's only the one post.)

That sounds like a good line-up; I'm particularly interested in the Lanzac/Blain.
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