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February 13, 2014

Missed It: UK Cartoonist Escapes Eviction In Feel-Good Manner

I saw the story pop up during the holiday, and forgot to check back on its resolution. A cartoonist with a hefty chunk of back rent to pay raised the money to pay that off by hand-selling a book of his cartoons supplemented by publicity-driven sales on his web site; the association was impressed enough with the industry and enterprise of this attempt by the cartoonist to keep from being evicted they let him stay even when I guess thing had progressed to the point they didn't have to. There's a Brian Davis that makes cartoons for Punch under a pen name, but I don't think this is him -- the styles look different to me. I could be wrong about that; I imagine someone from the UK will rapidly and sarcastically set me straight; I'm having a slow morning. This is this Brian Davis' web site.

This seems like a straight-up story to me, although it's always worth noting when a person making comics is in a state whereby this kind of effort become necessary.
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