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May 22, 2014

Missed It: Concerns Over Customer At Seattle Comics Shop

A couple of people have sent along a link to this article asking if I knew anything about the story's development since it was published two weeks ago, as it involved a Seattle comics shop. I don't have anything new, but since I didn't link to the story when it first appeared I thought I would now.

My first thought upon seeing it at this late date is that headline ws kind of unfortunate for as much as it depends on people not interpreting "at" as some sort of "with," although maybe I'm reading to much into that.

What this seems to have involved from the peripheral comics angle is a store hosting events where a man named Robert L. Baugh attended with a youth he was mentoring through Narcotic Anonymous. The man seems to have been known to at least one person at the store as a registered sex offender, due to an offense in Texas in the mid-1990s. When that representaative of the store saw that a relationship Baugh had with a young person at store events enjoyed a wider dimension outside of the store, he ended up contacting a parent. The parent filed a complaint, which led to direct police interest and the eventual arrest on possession of child pornography charge. I would imagine aside from the dispensation of that charge there are some other things at issue regarding his place on that sex offenders list, but I can't be all the way sure. It is kind of an interesting snap shot into how these retail establishments can sometimes serve as a destination for young people and the expectation of safety that may come with that.
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