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February 27, 2014

Missed It: Diamond Digital Closes Tomorrow

I completely missed this artricle that Diamond Comics was closing down its storefront program. Good work by Graeme McMillan there. Brigid Alverson takes the entire program out in the yard and whacks it with a two by four until you almost feel bad for program. The only thing I think I might disagree with in the way Alverson presents her argument is that I think all models are worth trying if you can execute them well; I think there's very little written in stone in digital commerce except what gets written looking backwards. I think I might I also wonder if long-range there won't be some regret from Diamond and the shops they represent of failing to establish a program so potentially highly responsive to their interests. There's a lot of qualifications that would have to be made to construct that line of thinking, though, including some answer to the question of whether or not those entities are always the best steward for their own interests.

Still, as Alverson underlines with its own rapidly draining lifeblood, the sheer, staggering, user-unfriendly nature of that program which was reinforced at nearly every level of it being brought to market is worth noting as a negative example, I think. It was always hard to conceive who the hell would be using that program and why they'd prefer it to just about any other option. Its smartest decision seems to be this final one.
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