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February 11, 2013

Missed It: Don Rosa's "Why I Quit"


Don Rosa is a fine cartoonist and has long been in many ways a great story for cartooning: a comics super-fan from the great generation that collectively revived the art form who became a lauded, respected professional cartoonist in one of the traditional avenues for excellent comic-book making in the 20th Century: the Disney duck comics. That story is now winding down, and an essay he wasn't allowed to print in a prestige collection of his work has a new life on-line. You should read it. You should read the whole darn thing.

I suppose there's something to be said about Disney not allowing that essay to be published. If nothing else, it's a telling commentary on the difficulties of working within the Disney tradition, as Rosa all too well knows, and, in that essay, demonstrates. As Rosa describes things, that decision seems more deeply unfortunate than something involving malfeasance or chicanery. I think the essay will obviously be much more widely read this way, although I'd rather that Rosa had enjoyed the platform he desired.

Mostly, though, I'm extremely grateful for Rosa's comics, and thank him for making them.
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