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May 28, 2014

Missed It: Jade Sarson Wins 2014 First Graphic Novel Competition Sponsored By Myriad Editions

imageThis looks like one of those stories I discussed on social media but never quite did a full post; my apologies. The cartoonist Jade Sarson has won the biennial First Graphic Novel Competition sponsored by Myriad Editions. The publisher gets to develop the work that wins with an eye towards publication -- although not guaranteed, it doesn't look like.

Given the flood of new talent generally but particularly in Great Britain, I would have to imagine this works as an actual competition more than it does a promotional effort by its primary sponsor and beneficiary. The contest is open to those without a professional publication on their "works completed" list. The previous winner was Gareth Brookes for his The Black Project, eventually released by Myriad last year.

The award was given out May 23 at the British Library, home of the Comics Unmasked exhibition.

Nominees were announced earlier that week. They were:

* Henny Beaumont -- Hole in the Heart
* Francesca Cassavetti -- Panic Attacks
* Wallis Eates -- Mumoirs
* Jessica Martin -- Elsie Harris Picture Palace
* Jade Sarson -- For the Love of God, Marie
* Robert Wells -- Sack, Crack & Back (& Brain)

This year's judges were Meg Rosoff, Andy Oliver, Woodrow Phoenix, Nicola Streeten and Corinne Pearlman.

There's a nice reaction article here.

The initial, linked-to article notes that Sarson has a webcomic, Cafe Suada, and an on-line store.

Coda: Hard not to be charmed by this post.
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