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January 25, 2018

Missed It: Kurt Busiek Announces Astro City To End Its Serial Comics Run And Move To OGN Publishing

Milton Griepp has a smart write-up on writer Kurt Busiek's announcement that Astro City will end its serial run this year at issue #52. The series, featuring Brent Anderson on interior art and Alex Ross on covers, arrived on the comics scene in the mid-1990s to a great deal of fanfare given Busiek's and Ross' run on the Marvels mini-series. It has been an industry-awards stalwart throughout and was a strong and frequent winner early on.

As Griepp notes, the book was initially published through Image, then by DC/Wildstorm before taking a hiatus in 2010. It returned in 2013 with DC/Vertigo. I like that that book exists, the same way I'm happy that all stable, creator-directed books are able to live a long publishing life. A last run of several years of OGNs seems like a fine idea considering how the market works.
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