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March 7, 2014

Missed It: Lawyer Says Jabeur Mejri Was Released

I totally missed a wire story mid-week that said Jabeur Mejri, the Tunisian cartoonist that was jailed for putting drawings of the Prophet Muhammed on Facebook in 2011, was released on Tuesday. This was according to a statement made by his lawyer. International rights foundations have been negotating strongly for his release since January, and the most recent hitch was old charges on an unrelated issue.

Mejri was sentences to seven and a half years in Spring 2012 for "content deemed offensive to Islam." A friend of Mejri's received political asylum after fleeing to France.

The mechanism for Mejri's release was a presidential pardon from President Moncef Marzouki, who cited a handwritten apology delieved from the cartoonist in October 2013.
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