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May 29, 2014

Missed It: Oishinbo Storyline About Fears Concerning Fukishima Area Food Consumption Draws Criticism

imageBrigid Alverson tracked a story in two separate posts that I totally missed, about a plotline in the serialized manga Oishinbo that related to fears about irradiated food supply in the area around the Fukashima nuclear power plant, damaged in 2011 and as a result a huge agent for driving concern about the long-term health issues concerning damage to that plant. It looks like the criticism appeared but the work was still published, the idea of squelching free expression for economic and political concerns doing battle with the idea of giving voice to concerns that are more inflammatory or alarming than a reliable reflection of reality on the ground. That actually seems to me a not-bad outcome, although dancing right up to that line is pretty scary and the idea that squeamish editors armed with multiple pages of guidelines are going to be on the front line of future editorial decision-making doesn't provide me with a lot of confidence or cheer.
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