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August 22, 2017

Missed It: Anti-SLAPP Issue Between Ted Rall And Tribune Media Went Against Rall On August 4

This article provides what seems like a pretty fair timeline as to what's been going on in Ted Rall's case against the LA Times and various individuals and companies related to a decision to no longer use him as a freelancer in Summer 2015.

It looks like the recent dramatic Anti-SLAPP motion that required a significant amount of money be raised to secure a potential negative outcome, a motion against which Rall himself argued in court as he was between legal representatives, and one the cartoonist and essayis believe has been used in exploitative fashion by large corporations, it looks like that has gone against Rall in an initial ruling. Rall plans to appeal.

Rall wrote about his view of the legal and ethical issues in question before this August 4 decision in a blog post.

There's a lot to this case and I think those of interested in freelance opinion-making should pay attention to the decisions as they come out. I'm surprised this is the first I've read about a result that's now more than two weeks old, but that's probably due to my occasional poor skill with tracking legal material.

I think we may be committed for a while yet. Rall has legal representation once again and seems to be consistent in saying he will appeal the motions that he loses and press forward on those remaining. There's this kind of concurrent dorm-room-logic version of the case that's been running parallel to the unfolding of how the claims bear up legally, certain issues into which I'd like to wait and dig at a much later if not final stage of the legal process. Knowing my success with predicting court cases, this one will probably wind up on Thursday.
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