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May 6, 2014

Missed It: Toon Graphics Imprint Announced, Debut Books To Include A Mattotti/Gaiman Collaboration


The esteemed Francoise Mouly of multiple hats including founder and driving force of Toon Books, has announced a line of comics for readers than the Toon Books audience but to be operated under many of the same principles. The imprint will be called Toon Graphics For Visual Readers and the first three books will be:

* Theseus And The Minotaur, Yvan Pommaux (August)
* Cast Away On The Letter A, Fred (September)
* Hansel And Gretel, Neil Gaiman and Lorenzo Mattotti (October)

Brigid Alverson's article for PW notes that both Toon Books and Toon Graphics will be imprints of RAW Junior, of which Mouly is the publisher and editorial director. RAW Junior works are distributed by Candlewick Press.

Remember that as opposed to a lot of children's comics efforts, Toon's pedigree includes working with educators in order to figure how best to direct books so that they ended up working according to common core standard and matching all suggestions in terms of age group limitation. The Toon Books works are directed at those from early development until age 8; these books pick up from there (which I believe is third grade. I'm interested in that there's no tiering beyond that point, or at least any I can see. If this group respresents the fruits of this imprint's editorial mandate, a staggering amount of quality work might qualify.
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