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November 19, 2012

Missed It: Your Observer/Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Winners

This page over at the Guardian is stuffed with enough comics-related links of substance to get three or four comics fans working as a tag-team fired from their jobs. Included are posts on this year's Observer/Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story prize winners: But I Can't by Corban Wilkins; I, Yeti by Steven Tillotson. The Wilkins is the winner and the Tillotson the runner-up. Congratulations to those two cartoonists and all of those that entered material.

The FPI blog people have a nice post up here on both winners. That post indicates a cash prize for Wilkins and lets you know the make-up of this year's all-star judging panel. It seems both cartoonists could stand to benefit from the increased exposure such a prize might bring; that sounds mean, but in this crowded marketplace, there aren't a whole lot of cartoonists that couldn't.
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