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October 16, 2017

Missed It: Zunar Book Banned By Malaysian Government

Here. I'm encouraged by Zunar's willingness to keep fighting by my goodness this situation doesn't seem like it will ever get better and this is before we get to things like the actual jail time that might be served for existing sedition charges.

There was a moment where I thought Zunar might have come out on top and get past the bulk of this, but it seemed to me at the time there was some law enforcement resentment that kept the pressure on the cartoonist. It doesn't seem that way now, it seems an entire system is leaning into him and at some point I fear Zunar's indomitable will to keep expressing himself won't be enough to avoid more dire outcomes than the already-horrifying harassment and travel bans and publishing obstructions he's faced thus far. There is no limit to the attention that can be paid to his plight.
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