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April 21, 2014

Mohammad Hassan Khalid Receives 5-Year Sentence, Faces Likely Deportation In Lars Vilks Conspiracy

The teen involved in the conspiracy to kill the artist Lars Vilks for a short run of cartoon-like Muhammed images Vilks made in 2007 was sentenced on April 17 for his role, which seems to have been forwarding a single package of and perhaps translating some extremist propaganda for the small group seeking to carry out the action. Mohammad Hassan Khalid has spent three years in incarceration, and will get credit for the time served after receiving a five-year sentence last Thursday. The article makes a brief and to my memory apt distinction as to what the two sides in the case argued. This is the group that included Colleen LaRose and thus gets the easy to remember "Jihad Jane" label, although except for the fact it kind of rolls off the tongue for consumers of news media I'm not sure descriptions of the conspiracy are best served by always making them proximate to that particular nickname. Khlaid's case seems particularly disheartening for his age and for his relatively high-functioning success in things like academia -- the expected deportation back to Pakistan seems a particularly deep blow in terms of the course of his life entire. One the other hand, my reading of the case is that the lawyers weren't denying he was involved just questioning the asserted dramatic nature of that involvement in the context of his accomplishments and social limitations.

LaRose received a ten-year sentence in January.
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