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July 29, 2014

More Details Seep In On ZombieWalk Hit And Run

I'm still playing catch a bit on the story of a few folks being harmed by a car in San Diego over the convention weekend during the ZombieWalk, mostly because it's an event not directly affiliated with Comic-Con and also because a lot of to-media commentary has been delayed.

This seems as good as any of the write-ups. Today's version has the official walk being several blocks ahead, which makes this event more a standard "during comic-con weekend" piece of emotional turmoil and overreaction than something that can be said to be at the heart of the show. Between this story and some extended coverage of demand for attention to harassment issues, the immediate legacy for this particular Comic-Con seems to involved things that have developed outside of the show's immediate purview.

As always, we extend our sympathies to all the victims here, by which we mean anyone that suffered physical or emotional duress.
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