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October 22, 2013

More Random Articles: A Pretty Good Foursome

* Christian Adams writes about the role of the editor in the political cartooning process. A second set of eyeballs on something is rarely a bad thing.

* Michael Maslin assembles a bunch of autobiographically-informed cartoonists from current New Yorker cartoonists. Some of the choices are more arch and self-serving than insightful, but there are still some funny little stories in there. I love that Harry Bliss goes knives out on Clifford, albeit in a genial, New Yorker cartoon kind of way.

* press for Dean Trippe's Something Terrible is starting to build. Bonus fifth article: another feature on Trippe's admirable comic.

* this article about editorial cartoonists responding to Kristallnacht isn't the first one I've read on the subject, but I find it endlessly fascinating to think of a time when editorial cartooning could directly engage a major policy issue like that one, and one that isn't necessarily full of hilarity.
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