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March 31, 2014

Mysterious Island/Time Machine Moving Their Store?

Michel Fiffe has a post up at Facebook that Chelsea's Mysterious Island/Time Machine comics store -- a longtime favorite of a lot of comics folks for it eclectic mix of back-issues covering a range of comics, will be moving their location sooner rather than later. I had a chance to go last year with Frank Santoro, and enjoyed it quite a bit, so I wish them the best. They are either in my on-line blind spot or don't have a significant Internet presence, so I can't find something other than Fiffe's statement right now, but I thought it worth mentioning. If nothing else, it's a reminder to support your local comic shop in their current physical location and to be kind towards any move they feel they have to make in order to survive and/or thrive. Comics stores used to be distinctive in terms of comics' past; now they're distinctive in terms of all other media.
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