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March 26, 2013

NCS Announces 2013 Slate Of Divisional Nominees


The National Cartoonists Society has announced the divisional nominees for its 2013 awards program, known as The Reubens. That program is in its 67the year. The following cartoonists and projects will join already-named Brian Crane, Rick Kirkman and Stephan Pastis, who will be competing in the Outstanding Cartoonist Of The Year category, the winning of which is considered winning "The Reuben."

There are familiar names galore in the comic book and graphic novel categories; there are two on-line comics categories this year as well.

Television Animation
* Todd Kauffman, Executive Producer -- Sidekick
* Alberto Mielgo, Production Design -- Tron: Uprising
* Rich Webber, Director -- Aardman Animation Studios, DC Nation

Feature Animation
* Rich Moore, Director -- Wreck-It Ralph
* Joann Sfar, Director -- The Rabbi's Cat
* Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Director -- The Secret World of Arrietty

Newspaper Illustration
* Mark Brewer
* Bob Rich
* Dave Whamond

Gag Cartoons
* Roz Chast
* Sam Gross
* Mick Stevens
* Jack Ziegler

Greeting Cards
* Bill Brewer
* George Schill
* Jem Sullivan

Newspaper Comic Strips
* Brian Basset -- Red and Rover
* Jeff Parker and Steve Kelley -- Dustin
* Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman -- Zits

Newspaper Panel Cartoons
* Tony Carrillo -- F-Minus
* Dave Coverly -- Speed Bump
* Hilary Price -- Rhymes with Orange

Online Comics -- Short Form
* Graham Harrop -- "Ten Cats"
* Jonathan Lemon -- "Rabbits Against Magic"
* Michael McParlane -- "Mac"

Online Comics -- Long Form
* Vince Dorse -- Untold Tales of Bigfoot
* Meredith Gran -- Octopus Pie
* Pat N. Lewis -- Muscles Diablo: Where the Terror Lurks

Magazine Feature/Magazine Illustration
* Barry Blitt
* Daryll Collins
* Anton Emdin

Book Illustration
* John Manders
* John Martz
* Dave Whamond

Editorial Cartoons
* Clay Bennett
* Michael de Adder
* Jen Sorensen

Advertising And Product Illustration
* Luke McGarry
* Ed Steckley
* Wayno

Comic Books
* Amanda Conner -- Silk Spectre
* Evan Dorkin -- House of Fun
* Bernie Wrightson -- Frankenstein Alive, Alive!

Graphic Novels
* Derf -- My Friend Dahmer
* Joseph Lambert -- Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller
* Chris Ware -- Building Stories

If you want to play "read the nominations like tea leaves" there's probably some fun stuff in there for you. It looks like the Dustin creators should move into Reuben consideration sooner rather than later. I wonder if there could be an opportunity for someone like Chris Ware to be considered in future years as well. There's also a continuing trend of alt-cartoonists in the editorial cartooning awards consideration arena, with Jen Sorensen crashing that category here.
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