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February 8, 2013

New Postal Rates Could Pulverize Small Press Mail Order

There's a distressing post from the great John Porcellino here that indicates a massive upswing in International mailing costs could have a significant impact on the business he does with his comics. Apparently, half of Porcellino's orders are from non-US sources. Mail order becomes much less appealing when there's a massive charge to it, and it's nearly impossible for a business to take on that burden themselves. This was rumored a few months back in various places, and looks like some version of that rate hike has gone into effect. My understanding is that this is particularly hard on lighter packages, like a mini-comic.

I'm not sure how this might have an effect on other practices within comics: everything from cross-border partnerships, to a swing in people at TCAF loading up on certain books to companies like Fantagraphics being hit are all possibilities.
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