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January 20, 2014

New, Reconfigured Angouleme Grand Prix Voting + Protest Leads To Finalists Watterson, Otomo, Moore?

I'm not sure I know all of the context here, mostly because of an error on my part: I thought the articles about re-doing the voting for the big prize at Angouleme -- one of the great four or five honors in all of comics if not the best one -- were more decorative than substantive and at some point we'd get a bunch of fusty old people in a room casting votes for someone that didn't make a whole lot of sense. But not only is that public aspect part of the vote in what seems like a more significant way, it looks like a protest on behalf of some of the past winners has introduced a new, even more populist spin on things.

In other words, a process that seems to include a public vote and an academy vote done outside of the festival itself as seems to be described here is exactly the kind of process that leads you to a finalists list of Alan Moore, Bill Watterson and Katsuhiro Otomo. Those are all considerable creators fully deserving of any honor they could be given, and in fact I'd say I'm on record as praising two of those comics-makers ahead of their wide, public approbation. But it doesn't seem to me a very Angouleme short list, at least not when those choices work, and that's even with Otomo or someone from the manga tradition being so overdue for that specific recognition it's enough to make you run through the streets knocking down cosplayers and bellowing at the top of your lungs. I wouldn't want a half-dozen years in a row of only the most widely popular choices, although I take from the changes in the other awards the show gives out that this may be the direction we're heading.
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