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April 11, 2018

New Stan Lee Tape At Comics Show Distresses

Here is the Bleeding Cool article where I saw it. That looks like the first three minutes of a CBS TV show that ends with our hero shooting everybody on that video not Stan Lee.

Show organizers: please don't have an exhausted old man at your show. If your assurances aren't five times more convincing than testimony and tape, don't accept them. If you're convinced this has to happen, protect your guests by capping their signings and controlling the pay flow via ticketing and limits. Support any creator that wants to walk away from fan behavior or their own handlers. This is a horror show.

Professionals: If you're going to a show advertising Stan Lee and don't feel this is right, let them know. If half of what seems to be going on is true, this is foul. I know I don't want any part of this.

Fans: I know some of you want a neat experience and others want to monetize collectibles in a brutal economy. I'm not sure the neat experience is there to be had and I'm pretty sure getting your collectibles monetized by someone who is having someone direct him over his shoulder isn't worth it.
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