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July 17, 2014

Newsday Hires Editorial Cartoonist Matt Davies


The New York regional newspaper Newsday has a nice post up here welcoming Matt Davies aboard as its latest editorial cartoonist. One nice thing about that article is that it makes a strong case for having a cartoonist in addition to pointing out why they feel this should be Davies. Another cool element to the piece is they build a profile for the position's strength by pointing to past successful cartoonists that have worked there, including two cartoonists that won Pulitzers while in their employ.

They also have a Davies slideshow up.

Newsday is an interesting publication. I never quite know what its specific coverage area is outside of Queens, although I know it pretty much covers that whole region and I think presumes itself the main publication of a number of counties. It has also grown in the last few years, significantly, and I can't imagine that's the case for almost any other journalistic publication after the late '00s and the near-industry collapse that came with that time period.

Davies won the 2004 Pultizer and that year's Herblock Prize. He's a widely-syndicated cartoonist whose main, recurring feature is a Sunday cartoon for the Hearst papers in Connecticut. I'll be interested to see what he does.
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