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February 4, 2013

Nice To See Maggie Thompson Will Stay Busy With, Among Other Things, A Gig At Scoop

Here. I hadn't really checked to see what Maggie Thompson would be doing post-CBG, so I'm glad to see she'll be keeping her hand in with comics at the Comic-Con blog and with Scoop. Thompson has legitimate old-school fan credibility that can't be manufactured, not anymore, and I think that will be an important of comics culture until a couple of generations after that one passes.

On a personal note related to comics magazine, I received the new TCJ this weekend. I was pleased to see them go flip-covers with Tardi and Sendak, which is something that we did a lot in the 1990s, partly to maybe get some comics shops to at least display one of the covers and partly because it was hard to sell advertising space with so many magazines more directly serving the bulk of what comics was putting out there. It's astonishing to me that The Comics Journal will have outlasted Wizard, Hero Illustrated and CBG, but I'm happy for that fact.
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