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August 25, 2014

Not Comics: A Bunch Of Freddie deBoer Posts At The Dish On On-Line Writing As A Vocation

There's a bunch of stuff over at Andrew Sullivan's The Dish from a vacation stand-in writer named Freddie deBoer on the state of on-line media from a vocational standpoint -- how a writer makes their way in that world. The big article is here. You can access all of his articles here or by scrolling down starting here. Sullivan's site is a subscription-based one and I'm not sure how it works in terms of blocking people, but hopefully you can get to some of it.

I'm also not sure how applicable the bulk of this is to comics. I know that developing a workable structure for professional writers interested in industry coverage is an ongoing issue, one I'm much less positive about than I was even two years ago. I would imagine there will be some moments of overlap comparing the plight of working writers and those of cartoonists wanting to use the Internet that way. I know that, for instance, deBoer's insistence that timing has a lot to do with who has been successful in that field is a notion that also has some significance to comics and cartooning. I would also imagine that comics is maybe a bit more hopeful overall, in part because of scale and scope. The site on which deBoer is posting has a reader-generated budget one-tenth of which one time would likely change any comics blogger's life forever. I do like the insistence that we take the Internet as it is and not as what we hoped it to be.

A big issue for comics overall in the next three years will be the first stab at an new and honest dialogue -- or overlapping series of same -- about the financial return involved. I look forward to it.
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