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November 13, 2012

Not Comics: Adam Davidson On Penguin-Random House Merger

There's a piece in the New York Times here about the basic cultural and industry forces at work in the Random House-Penguin merger that while I haven't read it yet sort of has to be worthwhile at least as a representation of a certain and likely traditionalist point of view.

My friend Gil Roth in pointing it out on Facebook says that the early shot the piece takes at may reflect a certain bias from which the article may never recover, so I will warn you similarly.

I think the prose publishing industry has a lot of the same problems as the newspaper industry in that massive, paradigm-shifting contraction is even more excruciatingly painful than usual given how those companies operate, so a lot of what can be seen as difficulties and disruptions from a paradigm shift in business realities are actually just a grind of competing forces within those companies, if that makes sense.
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