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May 7, 2014

Not Comics: Alison Bechdel, Ed Brubaker Enjoy Professional Success In Areas Outside Of Comics-Making

The Beat collects news of the progression of Alison Bechdel's Fun Home in theatrical form; ComicsAlliance and a bunch of other places pivot from entertainment news sources providing word that Ed Brubaker will be working on a fun and potentially rewarding project that seems well-suited to his skill set.

While this site isn't set up to cover a lot of extra-media stuff for property or creators, those pieces of news hitting my inbox at roughly the same time made me think of a conception I link to the writer Gary Tyrrell that something webcomics culture has done is recast our idea of what a career in comics means, and that we should celebrate the opportunities that comics provide certain people in part as an beneficial characteristic of the originating culture. Nothing would make me happier to see comics people successful wherever they want to be successful, even as much as I hope that comics will improve on its own rewards structure so that this should never feel necessary.
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