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June 11, 2014

Not Comics: Anne Helen Petersen On Entertainment Weekly

There's a bunch of reasons why a comics fan might want to read this lengthy history of Entertainment Weekly. That was a hugely influential magazine for the current generation of magazine-makers, media reporters and web site operators, including those that work in comics. It has been at times a reasonably-friend-to-comics magazine, and its writers were aware of comics even when that wasn't a potential coverage area. The way a magazine or an entity works within wider corporate plans seems like it would be pretty informative, too.

I had a good time with the article, and the last time I bought an issue of EW on the stands was the issue featuring Jason Patric and Geronimo. The only caveat I'd offer is as this isn't an area of professional interest, so I couldn't tell you from my own reading how accurate or insightful this piece is on a direct-facts level. So as always until you find your bearings that way, take everything seriously but not as gospel.
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