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January 13, 2014

Not Comics: Article At HU On Paying Artists For Art

I quite liked this article at Hooded Utilitarian by Isaac Butler about the idea of paying artists for the art they make, through the example of a theater arts company in New York City that has set itself up in a specific way to not do that in most cases where one might hope they would. That's an issue for comics, of course, and a lot of the logic in play will remind many of you of related comics rhetoric. I don't agree with every single one of Butler's conclusions, assertions and implications. I also favor different points of emphasis. For instance, I think what frequently gets lost in discussions of pro-am work is a rigorous vetting of non-monetized benefits that are transferred to the non-artists involved: it is very rarely "these people here get money; these people here receive freebies/exposure/prestige/enjoyment/satisfaction," because the latter frequently accrues to the non-artists as well. Still, this is a smart piece, well argued and reasonable, and you should read it. I'm glad I did.
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