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February 26, 2014

Not Comics: Emily Gould's "How Much My Novel Cost Me"

I've had a couple of friends independently send me links to this Emily Gould essay at Medium about the financial realities of having a prose work that sold in the six figures at one point, and the general disconnect between economic success and success within a creative culture. I also imagine it's one of those essays that will not have a sympathetic audience among the bulk of comics fans, who tend to process everything like this as 1) opportunities they should have had, 2) opportunities they wouldn't have "blown," whatever that means to them. I liked it because it gave numbers and it talked about something that is this rare, great thing -- having a work of art that gives you a financial payday worth noting -- and how that may be more of a life-delaying than life-altering event. I like it because it risks an angry response.

The discussion in comics about such issues is rudimentary for a lot of reasons. For one thing, we tend to bluff our way through these issues in our own lives so as not to look like a victim or a failure. But I hope we starting having these talks soon, because I think a sober exchange of information will make so many lives better in the long run.
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