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July 18, 2014

Not Comics: Lalo Alcaraz Tussles With City Of Murrieta PR Consultant Over Use Of Hashtag

Here. Murrieta is at the heart of the recent news activity around the issue of immigration involving children; Alcaraz was critical of the city via a hashtag that labeled the city "HateCityUSA"; the PR consultant Xavier Hermosillo hired by that community to negotiate the news story responded harshly.

That is a very effective, time-honored way to drum up publicity, although one may wonder if this specific kind of PR is what the city had in mind.

I wanted to mention it here, though, because of the story touching on the activities of comics people as free-thinking and speaking individuals outside of their comics endeavors and how that can be treated by the press. We're not too far removed from a day when a cartoonist speaking out on an issue like this one would be treated less seriously because of the nature of their work. This seems slightly different to me.

My father was a newspaperman who took the editorial part of his work seriously; he frequently thought that a lot of cartoonists under-utilized their opportunities to speak out. I think he would have approved of Alcaraz getting in there and trading shots with a city official. So do I.
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