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April 24, 2014

Not Comics: LARB Blog On Netflix And Television Canon

The writer Sean T. Collins pointed out via twitter this article by Anne Helen Petersen on the role that the easy availability of certain television shows may have on the canon-building efforts by an emerging generation of media critics. It's one of those articles that's stuffed full of interesting insights and revelatory moments even if, like me, you find its central premise deeply disturbing and many of those individual moments darkly humorous.

I do think that it does have something to say about comics, though, in that a broader audience than actual critics-to-be are definitely going to be influenced by what is closest and most ubiquitous and a part of their consumption lives just as they are by what hits, what leaves a mark, what is powerful and affecting. While I always caution people away from thinking the end goal of every artistic pursuit is maximizing audience and profit (and those aren't even the same thing anymore), I think there are likely some takeaways in there for putting comics on-line and how, and also reference points for re-examining older structures, like the fact I'm uncertain if there exists any sort of infrastructure that might bring second- and third-generation alt/arts comics makers to a wide audience based on print alone.

I'm not sure I'd want to be on the business side of comics over the next 15 years, although that's where all the opportunities are in terms of making the particularly artistic endeavor a better place.
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