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August 6, 2014

Not Comics: Mat LeMay At Medium On Men Growing Up

A half-dozen CR readers passed along this article from Matt LeMay at Medium on the pernicious cultural baggage he's carrying in terms of expectations and ideas that lead to harassment and abuse towards others in his professional life. It's a widely linked-to post. I think it's worth reading from a comics perspective to get an idea on how multiple geek communities are processing some of the same issues comics is going through, and for the prescriptions involved.

I am all for specific solutions to some of the specific, worst problems, but I'm also for moving the needle as far as we can in the direction away from a general cultural sickness that not only provides a breeding ground for the worst stories but generates a constant stream of hassle, humiliation and harassment that no one should have to endure. LeMay suggests a fine place to start this potentially impossible task: ourselves.
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