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October 13, 2011

Not Comics: Obama Campaign Poster Contest Angers Designers

The cartoonist and Matt Bors is heavily quoted in this piece on notorious free-labor benefiting web site Huffington Post about the Obama campaign holding a contest where artists are asked to submit work for free in support of the president's job plan and re-election. I think Bors comes across as very smart in the piece, and of course he's right: this is the opposite of creating jobs, you don't hold spec contests with your plumber. In addition to Bors' participation, there should be some comics-related interest in the general subject matter of doing work for free. This is a difficult subject for a lot of artists and even writers in the mainstream end of comics, with reactions ranging to outright acquiescence as a nod to the low threshold of participation and high want-to represented by rare creative opportunities in the field to an artist recently basically quitting work in North American comics due to constant changes being requested and the addition work it required. The reaction of some fans, of course, was to mock the artist for being too big for his britches.
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