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February 12, 2014

Not Comics: Reporters Without Borders Freedom Index

The Reporters Without Borders Freedom Index is almost always one of the most depressing yet enlightening reads of the new year. I always encourage journalists and right-thinking people everywhere to spend a few minutes getting a feel for the current, basic shape of persecution regardng the free press. I did not on my own tour see any explicit of cartoonists, but two of the briefs have some relevance there: the Asian report notes the hassle facing those that post work on-line independently, and that is a category into which many comics and cartoon makers fall, while the Eastern European brief includes a write-up on Turkey, which has long been a hostile place for satirical cartoons. That one is interesting just for the turning political tides there more than for any discussion of ways taht cartoonists tend to be discouraged, like the use of lawsuits by sitting government officials.
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