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July 1, 2014

Not Comics: Mulls Killing Its Post-Article Comments

Tim Hodler is engaging with people today about whether or not to kill post-article comments at the on-line iteration of The Comics Journal. This is a very squirrelly subject for a post here, but it involves a bunch of elusive Internet-culture ideas, which are also comics-culture ideas. has had some comments threads as tedious and awful as the worst of their old message board, which was basically never moderated. They've also had some beautiful threads, like the ones when Kim Thompson and Spain Rodriguez passed away. It seems like only a very specific person finds value in that kind of access to a platform now, and it's unclear whether having that stuff on there to read isn't directly counter-balanced by the way people see the site because of the content of those comments.

There is also, of course, the whole idea that comments thread are a way to keep a magazine honest by allowing direct criticism, but that's usually a canard for any site that publishes any letter sent their way. It's fun the read the various opinions, though, and think of a time when one's engagement with the world of comics on-line was in discussion areas that existed without an article or site affiliation plopped on top.
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