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October 1, 2012

Not Comics: Times-Picayune, Birmingham News Publish Final Daily Editions

Jim Romenesko has his usual smart, short round-up of links that go right to the heart of a major newspaper story, the closing of the Birmingham News and Times-Picayune publications as dailies, moving to a few-times-a-week publication. I think these developments are distressing for anyone that values the newspaper as its own form or as a proud industry, particularly what happened in New Orleans. That's a town that had a really old-school community connection to its primary newspaper, one that will not be replicated by a publication from upstate doing a New Orleans edition or by anything on-line. I'm not intimately familiar with the details of what happened, but there seems to be a widespread, withering contempt to the profit-mining that's gone on there. I have an inkling just how difficult it's been for a lot of these publications to adjust to new economic realities after years and years of reliable profits and everything that comes with that position comfort, all happening at a time of seismological shifts in media. Still, it feels like there could have been a better way.

This is of course a major background story development for those that value the newspaper model as a home for editorial cartooning and strip syndication.
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