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March 21, 2017

Now Turkey Is Just Making Stuff Up To Jail Political Artists: Painting Gets Artist/Editor Two Years

Maren Williams has a succinct write-up here on the case facing journalist Zehra Doğan, convicted of depicting a military operation instead of what actually happened: reproducing for creative effect a background cleared for release in an official photo. The usual implication that the journalist supported or was a member of the group that attempted a coup in the country was of course part of the hearing.

One thing that's encouraging about the article is that Doğan pretty much sounds like a bad-ass, running an all-women news agency and starting a prison newspaper while inside. It's bad enough that anyone is imprisoned on basically made-up charges, but it doesn't look like it will shatter this particular person. I can't imagine how broken a country has to be to jail people that industrious for bullshit reasons.
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