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February 8, 2013

NRA Lists A Bunch Of Cartoonists On Anti-Gun List

imageI thought I'd covered this already but hadn't, and now it's blown up a bit in the comics corner of the Internet: the NRA apparently listed 14 cartoonists among those celebrities and journalists that are somehow anti-gun. One weird thing is that I think at least two of them and maybe up to four really aren't doing comics anymore -- which I hope doesn't mean the list is working. Another weird thing is that Tom Toles has become Tim Toles, which says... something about cartoonists or the list-makers or both. I mean, they got Garry Trudeau right, which most young cartoonists even seem incapable of doing. Still another is that Matt Bors actually scooped the news establishment on a piece that was damaging to the NRA and couldn't make their list, which is just mean on their part.

Alan Gardner at Daily Cartoonist pulled out the names, which I'll link up in case you want to go look at their stuff:
* Tony Auth
* Steve Benson
* Jim Borgman
* Stuart Carlson
* Mike Lane
* Mike Luckovich
* Jimmy Margulies
* Jim Morin
* Mike Peters
* Kevin Siers
* Ed Stein
* Tim [sic] Toles
* Garry Trudeau
* Don Wright
Anyway, that's a pretty good list of cartoonists, many of whom work in the post-MacNelly illustration tradition of the inky arts. It's a good list even if all of them aren't working. Of course the weirdest thing of all is that you'd have an anti-gun list in the first place, which can serve no other purpose but to make those listed feel awesome about themselves, but the outsized strangeness of the gun violence debate more generally has had much odder permutations than this one.
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