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October 7, 2013

NYT: Al Jaffee's Archives Going To Columbia

Here's one way comics has changed in the last quarter-century: news of the kind that might have been covered in one or two industry publications a generation ago are trumpeted in the New York Times as the art news we've always known it to be. In this case, the Paper Of Record tells us that Al Jaffee's archives headed to Columbia's growing collection. There is also a nice mini profile in there -- okay, a few sentences -- on how Karen Green has effectively ramped up Columbia's holdings to the point where they are quickly becoming a major player in that world. We should see a massive amount of interest in people's archives over the next five years: more and more members of Jaffee's generation are going to pass on, and the generations after that all the way down to the cartoonists and industry people that emerged in the 1990s are going to be at an age where they start to think about where things end up. I think we'll also see one or two more institutions entering into that arena in some capacity and more things like various schools where cartoonists might have attended that weren't cartooning schools accommodating gifts and donations of a significant nature.
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