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March 27, 2013

On Digitizing The WWI Cartoons Of JM Staniforth


I enjoyed this article on an allotment of money being made available to digitize 1300 World War I-era cartoons from the Welsh cartoonist JM Staniforth, even though I'm slightly confused as to why it takes $105,000 USD to digitize a bunch of comics and wonder what the bidding process there was. That aside, it's great to have as much work being preserved in as many channels as possible. Paper preservation is even more important, I think, and one can argue that in many ways paper is even more secure and a better return on investment giving the rapid changes that digital models and storage options are still rifling through. But digital is good, too. Staniforth is an interesting subject, and perfect for showing how cartoonists at one point were a real force when it came to distinguishing papers and how crusades by cartoonists can have an effect on history -- if only social and local. His work is frequently gorgeous.
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