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October 9, 2008

Our Remarkable Feet Of Spoileage

Thank you very much for spoiling a major plot point in ACTION COMICS #870. Very considrate of you to publish it bold blue letters in the headline

Other sites have done a remarkable feet by NOT spoiling it in their headlines on the day it was published.

Would you mind,next time, to wait a few days after a story is published to spoile it in a headline? I would appreciate it

Thank you in advance,

[Name Redacted Since I'm Not Correcting Their English]


The answer, of course, is "no." As I explained earlier today, I don't follow superhero comics closely enough to know when and when not to publish links to articles in big-name magazines that obviously got their information directly from the publisher. It doesn't happen a lot -- first time in three years of publication except for reviews -- but it's a risk you run by reading this site.

In general, I never understood that capitulation to certain readers' reading expectations and reject it and I'd run plot developments all day long in big, blue headlines except I almost never see them and 99.9999 percent of the time they're not worthy of being posted. I thought this one was, because it transformed a powerful thematic element of the classic storyline into some sort of gotcha-style modern plot point and DC obviously thought enough of it to get it out there to mainstream media. I ran similar coverage of, to give another example, the Peter Parker Makes a Deal With the Devil story, I just don't think a major magazine had material released to them to run day-of that I could link to. I sure would have, though.

So let me be clear. All of our reviews are designed to cover the material, not protect someone's reading experience. All of the blogging we publish here is designed to run links to and discussion of articles that are put out there in the world that day. Headlines included. Those of us writing here won't seek to point out plot points to get people to come read the site, say, but we won't make a point of screening things for you, either. Our interests are elsewhere. If that's too much of a risk for any of you, I hate to lose you as a reader but I'm going to have to suggest you read something else and/or take us off your RSS feed.
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