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March 17, 2014

Not Comics/Parade Extra: The L'Ascension Du Haut Mal Trailer

This post reminded me that I hadn't put word on CR about a movie site up for a film adapting David B.'s L'Ascension Du Haut Mal. It's here. Or maybe I did post something. What I do remember is that I couldn't post the trailers themselves because I couldn't get them to show up after changing their code to fit my column width. And... I still can't.

Whatever the heck happened, I hope that a film version will be successful enough to drive people to the book, which I think is one of the 10 great comics works of the 1990s. (In fact, one hopes a successful film might lead to a newly-published version of the comic if it's out of print the way it looks like it may be; I can't find it listed on a site anywhere in a way that makes me think it's still available that way.)

Whether in its original French or translated as Epileptic, David B.'s great comic is a difficult work, prickly at moments and gloomy at others. Its lack of catharsis is one of the reasons I suspect the graphic novel once called the French-Language Jimmy Corrigan didn't have the reception in its English-language version for which the enthusiastic oh-my-gods of French-reading North American comics fans might have prepared us. Perhaps what should be the beauty of the author's work animated will give us a second way in.
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