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February 28, 2014

People Are Still E-Mailing Me About This John Campbell Kickstarter

So the cartoonist John Campbell has declared in highly dramatic fashion that a Kickstarter oriented around a second collection for the popular webcomic Pictures For Sad Children would be capped in terms of fulfillment at around 75 percent of promised incentives, indicting among other things the abitrariness of capitalistic enterprise generally and the underlying insistence and resulting cruelty of the kind of specific arrangement bought and paid for through a crowd-funding construct. You can read general twitter comments here, and the comments underneath the new post are worth reading as well. Reactions run the gamut from concern to contempt to confusion.

At this point the driving forces for my continued interest are curiosity -- it seems like there's still a lot of information to come as to what exactly this is and/or what happened -- and, a step above that, worry for the well-being of the cartoonist, whom I do not know. I think other reactions can wait until we know more. I'll update here if there are things today I think worth noting, and will generally keep an eye on the story as much as not being connected to that world allows.
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