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July 23, 2014

Plastic Babyheads From Outer Space Receives Quiet E-Book Double Launch: Andrews McMeel, comiXology

imageAndrews McMeel Universal continues the drumbeat that is its acquisition of comics work to be made available in all the formats available to them: their on-line serial strip repository, e-books, printed books, and through the comiXology service. The one that caught my attention this time out -- well, after the creator gave me a heads-up that it had gone down -- is Geoff Grogan's Plastic Babyheads From Outer Space, now available as e-books through AM's site and via comiXology.

There is so much material out there right now that the sheer volume dictates a lot of the subsequent publishing decisions. For one thing, I think there is much more material out there than the audience and infrastructure built around it. I have no idea how this sorts out or, really, if it sorts out. In the meanwhile, maybe look at Grogan's work a bit. I enjoyed that when I saw it as a hand-sold comic at an old Brooklyn show.
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